Corporate Structure

CGSE's wholly owned subsidiary, 'Kam Ngan Investment Company Limited' was established in 1967 for managing CGSE's properties and assets.
'Hong Kong Precious Metals Exchange Limited' a subsidiary of CGSE, was established in 1994.


Executive and Supervisory Committes

The Members General Meeting is the highest authority of the Exchange. Twenty one members of the Executive & Supervisory Committees are elected once every two years.

There are various divisions under the Executive & Supervisory Committees to be in charge of various duties and functions, including:

Administration Division:
To oversee the general administrative duties of the exchange. It is also responsible for the management of the investment properties of the exchange.
Internal Audit Division:
To ensure all trading and according records of the exchange are property kept.
Membership Review Division:
To Review all membership submission met the stringent requirements of the exchange. It is also responsible fot the division to ensure the financial position of members are in compliance with the constitution.
Treasury Division:
To oversee the accounting and finance of the exchange.
Personnel Division:
To oversee the human resources of the exchange.
Discipline Division:
To oversee the orderly carrying out of gold trading on the exchange floor and to ensure that trading rules are well observed.
School Affairs Division:
To oversee the running of the school managed by the Exchange, and implementation of qualifications framework project for its members and practitioners.
Constitution Amendment Committee:
To coordinate with other division in drafting new constitution and in making amendments to the current constitution.
PBusiness Promotion Committee:
To promote gold trading business of the exchange.
Sport and Recreation Division:
To oversee the sport and recreation of the exchange.
Registration Committee:
To be responsible for the approval, renewal and grandfathering of application for registration. To formulate code of conduct and guideline for registered persons. To handle complaint against registered persons and take disciplinary actions.


The administration Office is responsible for implementing policies, business development planning passed by the Excutive & Supervisory Committees and monitoring the effectiveness of the Exchange.