Corporate Structure

CGSE's wholly owned subsidiary, 'Kam Ngan Investment Company Limited' was established in 1967 for managing CGSE's properties and assets.
'Hong Kong Precious Metals Exchange Limited' a subsidiary of CGSE, was established in 1994.



Executive and Supervisory Committees

The Members General Meeting is the highest authority of the Exchange. Twenty one members of the Executive & Supervisory Committees are elected once every two years.

There are various divisions under the Executive & Supervisory Committees to be in charge of various duties and functions, including:

Select committee:

Treasury Division:

To oversee the accounting and finance of the exchange.

Lo Kun lo (Head) Henry Chan (Deputy Head) Kwong Dak Shing Berwick Lee
Chan Yun Ming, Wilmer
Administration Division:

To oversee the general administrative duties of the exchange. It is also responsible for the management of the investment properties of the exchange.

Tse Moon Chuen (Head) Robert LEE Wai-wang (Deputy Head) Kwong Dak Shing Lee Chi Kin
Chan Yan Chun Jacky Tong
Internal Audit Division:

To ensure all trading and according records of the exchange are property kept.

Robert LEE Wai-wang (Head) Tse Moon Chuen (Deputy Head) Kwong Yick Chor Kevin Lee
Hanson Wong Law Ming Lap
Membership Review Division:

To Review all membership submission met the stringent requirements of the exchange. It is also responsible fot the division to ensure the financial position of members are in compliance with the constitution.

Henry Chan (Head) Lo Kun lo (Deputy Head) Kwong Yick Chor Kwong Dak Shing
Law Ming Lap Peter Fung
Discipline Division:

To oversee the orderly carrying out of gold trading on the exchange floor and to ensure that trading rules are well observed.

Lee Chi Kin (Head) Jacky Tong (Deputy Head) Kwong Yick Chor Kwong Dak Shing
Ivy Chong Peter Fung
Personnel Division:

To oversee the human resources of the exchange.

Law Ming Lap (Head) Lo Kun Io (Deputy Head) Cheng Kam Biu, Wilson Henry Chan
Jacky Tong Lee Chi Kin Chan Yan Chun
School Affairs Division:

To oversee the running of the school managed by the Exchange, and implementation of qualifications framework project for its members and practitioners.

Kevin Lee (Head) Chan Wai Man, Raymond Berwick Lee
Sport and Recreation Division:

To oversee the sport and recreation of the exchange.

Jacky Tong (Head) Lee Chi Kin (Deputy Head) Kevin Lee (Deputy Head) Robert LEE Wai-wang
Kwong Yick Chor Chan Wai Man, Raymond Ivy Chong Peter Fung
Hanson Wong Ricky Chim Sunny Lam LI Chun Hang
Brian Tsui LAU, Sai Hung
Registration Committee:

To be responsible for the approval, renewal and grandfathering of application for registration. To formulate code of conduct and guideline for registered persons. To handle complaint against registered persons and take disciplinary actions.

Xandria CHAN(Converner) Lo Kun Io Henry Chan Robert LEE Wai-wang
Kwong Dak Shing Peter Fung Ivy Chong Wong Kwai Huen Albert
Prof. HO Yan Ki Richard Dr. Billy S.C. Mak Prof. POON Ka Yeung Larry Philip TSAI Wing-chung, JP
Paul PONG Professor TSO Hung, Scarlet


Non-select committee:

Constitution Amendment Committee:

To coordinate with other division in drafting new constitution and in making amendments to the current constitution.

Cheng Kam Biu, Wilson (Converner) Kwong Dak Shing (Replacement Converner) Lee Chi Kin Henry Chan
Law Ming Lap
Business Promotion Committee:

To promote gold trading business of the exchange.

Haywood Cheung (Converner) Tse Moon Chuen (Replacement Converner) Robert LEE Wai-wang Cheng Kam Biu, Wilson
Lo Kun lo Henry Chan Berwick Lee Chan Yun Ming, Wilmer
Kwong Dak Shing Jacky Tong Kwong Yick Chor Kevin Lee
Law Ming Lap Lee Chi Kin Peter Fung Chan Wai Man, Raymond
Brian Tsui Chan Yan Chun Ivy Chong LI Chun Hang
Hanson Wong Ricky Chim Sung Wing Yiu LAU, Sai Hung
Sunny Lam
HKPMAC Steering Committee:

Responsible for supervising, monitoring and suggesting the development of the center.

Lo Kun Io (Converner) Peter Fung (Replacement Converner) Kwong Yick Chor Chan Yun Ming, Wilmer
LAU, Sai Hung Dr. LAI Kim Hung Lotto Dr. FONG Lai Ying Vicki Brian FUNG
CGSE Good Delivery Bar Steering Committee:

Responsible for monitoring and supervising the quality of CGSE Good Delivery Bars.

Brian FUNG (Converner) Lo Kun Io Peter Fung Ivy Chong
LI Chun Hang LAU, Sai Hung
Trading System Development Consultative Panel:

Responsible for the development of new electronic platforms.

Kwong Dak Shing Kevin Lee Hanson Wong
CGSE Good Delivery Bar Consultative Panel:

Responsible for promoting the development of spot gold Market.

Brian FUNG (Converner) Peter Fung CHEUNG Tak Kwai Stanley NG Wing Lung
LI Chun Hang LAU, Sai Hung
Investment Panel:

Responsible for the investment.

Lo Kun Io (Head) Robert LEE Wai-wang Henry Chan Peter Fung
Hanson Wong
Corporatization Consultative Panel:

Responsible for the corporatization.

Kwong Dak Shing (Head) Robert LEE Wai-wang Henry Chan Law Ming Lap
Brian FUNG


The administration Office is responsible for implementing policies, business development planning passed by the Excutive & Supervisory Committees and monitoring the effectiveness of the Exchange.