Singapore Bullion Market Association – Asia pacific Precious Metals Conference 2022 (Photos & Presentation)

Announcement on the Launch of GoldZip


The Chinese Gold & Silver Exchange Society (“CGSE”) CEO Mr Brian Fung and CGSE Head of digital Innovation Mr Barry Ip presented “Announcement on the Launch of GoldZip” on the Asia pacific Precious Metals Conference 2022 in Singapore.


The conference organized by Singapore Bullion Market Association (“SBMA”) and the in association with CGSE., held at Intercontinental Singapore form 5th June 2022 to 7th June 2022. CGSE was consecutive six years sponsor conference. Precious metals industry leaders from Asia Pacific, including Vietnam, Malaysia, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, and Australia, were joined by international precious metals experts at this conference, which served as an ideal platform for idea exchange as industry elites shared their insights into the precious metals market.